Improve Your Mental Skills

Mental Game Work is About Learning Skills

Mental game work is about learning new skills or refreshing old skills. It is not about fixing problems.For example, most people have not been exposed to skills of the mind — they get nervous and their muscles tighten up and this causes their performance to suffer. If you have never been exposed to relaxation skills, […]

Sleep – The Ultimate Performance Enhancer

  “Eating well and working well are incomplete without sleeping well”. (Huffington, p. 260) The above quote points out one of the greatest performance enhancer that has been quietly forgotten. Yes, we are talking about “sleep”! For the longest time, sleep has been something that we do now and then, something that we try to […]

Confidence – Find It, Develop It, Activate It – To Play Your Best!!

” Confidence is playing with your eyes”, says sport psychologist Bob Rotella. “I hear this from athletes in all sports with targets. Think of the shooter on a roll in basketball. She just looks at the basket and lets it go. Think of a great pitcher when he’s sharp. He looks at the catcher’s mitt […]

A Commitment to Excellence

“Excellence begins with a vision of where you want to go and commitment to do what it takes to get there.” – Terry Orlick Your mental game needs the same kind of effort that you put into the physical side of your sport or performance. It is not something that you can just listen to […]

Core Mental Game Skills To Learn

  If you are just starting to work on your mental game, you will probably have the question, “Where do I start?” , “What skills do I learn first?” Here’s a great start on answering these questions: Start with some short sessions (perhaps a three or four session appointment) covering any one of the following […]