The Body-Mind Connection and Pregame Preparation

One of the seven elements in Terry Orlick’s Wheel of Excellence is “mental readiness” or preparation. This is an often overlooked key to performing well. Many struggling athletes and even some professionals often don’t prepare themselves both physically and mentally for an upcoming event or performance. The body is usually prepared but the mind has […]

Focus Is Key To A Great Performance

Terry Orlick (2000, p. 47) defines focused connection as “the uninterrupted connection between two things: a cat and a mouse, a performer and his performance, an athlete and her goal”. Weinberg and Gould (2003) feel that focus or concentration is made up of three parts: (a) focusing on the relevant cues in the environment, (b) […]

Change Your Performance with Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is a primary technique in building confidence. It’s simply—make the thoughts in your head and the words coming out of your mouth positive! Get rid of the statements like, “I know I’m no good, I can’t win this match,” Let’s work on saying things like, “I’m good and I’ve done this before.” Studies […]

Athletes Can Be in the Zone More Often

Every athlete has heard about the great experience of “being in the zone” – where time stands still, action moves slowly, and your performance seems to be super-fluid and easy. But the problem has always been how to achieve that state more frequently. It seems so random and out of the blue. But now there […]