Change Your Performance with Positive Self-Talk


Positive self-talk is a primary technique in building confidence. It’s simply—make the thoughts in your head and the words coming out of your mouth positive! Get rid of the statements like, “I know I’m no good, I can’t win this match,” Let’s work on saying things like, “I’m good and I’ve done this before.”

  • Studies have shown that positive self-talk improves performance, our bodies actually function better, we feel better!! It’s something so simple and yet it can change our life and performance!!
  • We can visualize our performance in positive images.
  • Our journaling can help here. Write down your negative thoughts and practice changing them to positive.

We have a choice in how we think. We can choose to think negatively or we can think positively. It is a choice and will take practice, but take a minute to think about who you would rather be around, someone who is constantly down and negative or someone who is positive.

Here’s the test, have one of your friends stand and hold their arms out. Have him think or say out loud negative thoughts, such as “I’m lousy, I’m no good, I stink”, etc. Anyone should be able to push his arm down with only two fingers and little effort while he is spouting negative thoughts. Now, have him think and say nothing but strong, positive thoughts. His arm becomes extremely hard to push down. Positive thoughts make us strong. Isn’t it much easier to hit a good golf shot, sink a free throw, throw a touchdown pass, run a marathon, etc. when we are strong and positive than weak and negative?
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