Core Mental Game Skills To Learn

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If you are just starting to work on your mental game, you will probably have the question, “Where do I start?” , “What skills do I learn first?”

Here’s a great start on answering these questions:

Start with some short sessions (perhaps a three or four session appointment) covering any one of the following skills:


  • Imagery/Visualization
  • Relaxation/Breathing
  • Focus
  • Routine
  • Goal Setting
  • Positive Self-Talk

By taking your time and completing some short sessions with Coach Neer – you can slowly master several key skills that you can then apply to your sport. Give Coach Neer a call today and discuss taking some short term sessions on the skills listed above and how they will improve your mental game. Also, talk to Coach Neer about his group sessions for five students – these are a great informative and inexpensive way to start mastering your mental skills and getting to work on improving your performance.