How Does A Champion Think?

Desert“In his book, “Inner Game of Tennis”, Tim Gallwey states, “I know of no single factor that more greatly affects our ability to perform than the image we have of ourselves.” Part of positive thinking is having a positive self-image. Each athlete carries around a mental blueprint of self, based on a rigid belief system formed by past performances. All your actions mirror this image. Most of the time, your performance is a reflection of how you see yourself.” (Huang and Lynch, p. 39)

Here’s the thought for the month: What if we changed our self image to one of a champion?? Just how does a champion think? Take a moment or two and a piece of paper and write down your description of a champion. Write everything about him or her — how he walks, how he talks, how he thinks, how he looks, what his attitude is, how he would react to things you come across daily — just take and build a complete image of your champion. Now, start acting like a champion. See where this leads you and then call me and let’s get to work on your champion!!