How To Improve My Mental Game?

21613988870_def449444d_zWhat do you focus on in the moment of truth in your sport? What are you thinking about? Do you think about what you don’t want to happen, or do you think about what you want to happen?

Many of us are constantly thinking about all the bad things that could happen. In fact, we do this pretty consistently in most of our everyday thoughts. If you find that your thoughts are on the things that you don’t want to happen, for example, in hitting a golf shot, there’s quite a good chance that you won’t hit that shot very well. Probably, a better chance that the ball won’t go where you want it go. So, how do I change my thinking? How do I start thinking about the positive things that I want to see happen?

It is something that can be done but will take some time along with some work. The work will involve practicing changing your thoughts. The first step is for you to become aware of just what is going on in your thoughts. This is not an overnight fix but instead a very pleasant long term process of learning to think positive. This is a major focus of working with your mental game coach. Begin to realize that it takes both physical skills and mental skills to achieve our potential. Start working on your awareness of your thoughts now, do the following test: Next time you go out to play some golf – take a pocketful of pennies – fill your back pocket with pennies. Once you begin your round – every time you have a negative thought, take a penny out of your back pocket and put it in your front pocket. When you get done with your round, take a look at how many pennies are in your front pocket.

You can continue to work on this every time you play – hopefully, slowly, but surely the pennies will all stay in your back pocket. As a by product of this work on your positive and negative thinking – take a look at your game – has it improved since you started this little process?