Mental Coaching Programs

Are you not sure that you need mental coaching? Are you worried about cost or working directly with someone about your thoughts? Here is the perfect program that allows you to experience just what mental coaching involves and without a commitment to a long term plan. This plan is designed just for you, especially if you are the type of person that is self-directed and likes the challenge of working things out on your own. (Meet by Skype, Face to Face in the office, phone, or online)

Introductory Level Special Offer
Great for all Sports and Levels

Get acquainted with mental game coaching with this brief but important program. Through this 2 month program – you meet with Coach Neer four times for ½ hour each session. It is a great way to explore mental coaching and start learning and developing your mental skills.

The program starts with the AMAP, the Athlete Mental Aptitude Profile. This is an assessment of the state of your mental game. From this, we will discuss the profile and build a master game plan of the skills you personally need to improve your performance. You leave with a plan, a road map on what you need to do to pursue and develop excellence in your game.

Once you have your game plan and the experience of a brief beginning of working with a mental coach, it is now easier to decide on advancing to the next level in mental training by pursuing a longer term commitment by signing up for any of the different levels listed below. Or you can work on your plan yourself. If you choose the self-directed route, you can also choose our monthly contact program for ongoing clients to keep on track with developing your mental skills.

Special Year Long Program For the Elite Athlete

Coach works with only two to five year long students per year. The year long program includes learning the mental skills necessary to improve your performance. It includes at least two sessions per week (in the office and on the course or field). The coach becomes your own mental game coach working with you on the phone, in the office, on the practice area, and at your events. This is a complete plan for taking  you to the next level in  your sport. It involves a total commitment between you and the coach – from the setting of your goals through the journey of reaching your goals. This is why there are only two to five students accepted for this program.


Specific Mental Skills Work 

 Choose any of the skills below and take a short 3 or 4 session class and master that skill (i.e., Visualization, Pre-shot Routine, Positive Self-Talk, and/or Relaxation.)

Introduction to the Mental Game

  • One month commitment (4 classes). Meet weekly for an hour with Coach Neer. This class will give you the foundation of building a sound mental game for any sport or activity.


  • One month commitment (4 classes). Meet weekly for an hour with Coach Neer. Classes are based on learning, practicing and applying the skill of visualization. Includes creation of your own imagery tape to practice with.


  • One month commitment (4 classes). Meet weekly for an hour with Coach Neer. Sessions for this skill will move towards mastering the relaxation and  applying it onsite at your sport setting.

Positive Self-Talk

  • One month commitment (4 Sessions). Meet weekly for an hour with Coach Neer. Sessions for this skill will teach you the heart of the mental game. Once you learn how to change your thoughts from negative to positive and apply this to your sport you will immediately notice an improvement.


  • One month commitment (4 classes). Continuous work on development of a silent mind. Learning to meditate will enable you to play and live from the silence in your mind – building the mindset of a champion in all you do.

Pre-shot Routine

  • Six week commitment (6 classes). Meet weekly for an hour with Coach Neer. Sessions for this skill will build one of the keys to repeating your key movement of your sport. Visualization, relaxation, positive self-talk, and meditation are pre-requisites for building an effective pre-shot routine. Includes audio tape of your pre-shot routine imagery (great practice tool).

Connected Focus

  • One month commitment (4 classes). Meet weekly for an hour with Coach Neer and devote your time totally to mastering the skill of focus. Terry Orlick, one of the premier sport psychologists in the country says, “Focused connection is the most important skill in life because it effects everything–all learning, all performance, all relationships, all joy in life.”

Golf Specific Complete (mental and physical) Wedge Training

  • Twelve week commitment (12 classes and range work). Meet once or twice a week with Coach Neer. Devote all your time to mastering your wedge play — the most important part of your golf game. You will learn the priceless skill of “TP” – a short game motion that will enable you to hit shot after shot to the target from any wedge distance. Included in this class is an imagery tape of the motion, an hour long session with a movement training coach, and all range costs.

Golf Specific – The Art of Putting

  • One month commitment (4 classes). Spend one hour per week with Coach Neer devoted to nothing but putting. Learn the Zen concept of putting and the mental attitude to make more putts.

Monthly – Ongoing, one or two check in and updates with Coach Neer. (For ongoing students)

Don’t hesitate to pick the program for your own needs and call me today at 1-559-360-6228. Contact Coach Neer for more details and costs for all programs. Choose now and begin the process of learning the mental skills that will complement your physical skills and bring out your potential in the pursuit of excellence.


The Champion’s Edge Workshop

Just imagine an advanced workshop designed to give you the knowledge and tools that you need to move your game to the next level. A workshop that sends you away with new movement techniques to improve your flexibility, focus, and coordination. Also how to condition yourself physically, proper nutrition, and mental training tools (the thoughts and the tools you need to get to the next level).

It is produced and organized by Dave Neer, Mental Game Coach for Silent Mind Sports, and Madeleine Perrone, a certified Feldenkrais instructor. If you want to take your game to the next level this is the workshop!

  • Develop my game at a minimal cost with some of the best instructors
  • Learn techniques for flexibility and making my movement effortless.
  • Gain valuable information about my game — how to think and prepare for my performance
  • Learn the Champion’s Edge by training with Coach Neer in the mental game.