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This page features monthly mental game tips. Look each month for a new tip or two that will help you with your mental game. Tips will cover some great ideas covering concepts for all sports.

Also on this page, resources and products to improve your mental game and your performance. Look for new sources to keep your mental game tough and active. We need to repeat positive thoughts consistently helping us to grow our mental game, keeping it alive and active.

Baseball throwMental Tips for October

  • ♦ Practice your physical skills all day long, but improvement will take time – days and  sometimes months. Change your mental attitude from negative to positive and enjoy immediate improvement!

♦ Think positive, stand tall, and walk with your head up. Create habits of excellence!

Mental Tips for November

◊Positive thoughts produce physical reactions that make us stronger and more productive. Cultivate these thoughts as opposed to the negative.

◊We generally have thousands of thoughts every day – a majority of people have a high percentage of negative thoughts. Become aware of your thoughts and how many of them are negative. Begin now to lower your negative percentage and raise your positive percentage. Silent Mind Sports can help with this!

6962327582_8609e67690_mMental Tips for December

♦ A little proof of the above tips for the last two months. I was playing nine holes with a local pro the other day. On the 6th hole, he turned to me and apologized for playing so poorly – he said that he just realized that all of his thoughts for the first six holes were negative – creating a state of doubt and lack of comfort over the ball. This had left him a couple over par to this point.

He immediately changed his thinking to a positive outlook about his swing and the game. On the 7th hole, he rolled in a 15 footer for birdie, on the 8th hole, he rolled in a 10 footer for birdie, and on the 9th he lipped out for a possible three in a row. This switch in his thinking left him at even par for the nine holes.

Mental Tips for January

Practice the breathing exercises in this month’s article. Learn to breathe properly and start focusing on your breathing!!

Mental Tips for February

Check out the Mental Scorecard details in Michael Lardon, M.D.’s book, “Finding Your Zone”. This is a fantastic tool for improving your performance in almost any sport. See resources below for the complete listing on Dr. Lardon’s book.

Mental Tips for March

♦ Write down a description of your focus when playing or performing well. Write down a description of your focus when playing or performing poorly. Note the differences between the two. Develop an imagery script of your best focus, record it, and then listen to this several times a week. Keep track of how many times you can get your mind into this best focus during your performance.

7108756585_dc475ab67e_zMental Tips for April

♦ For our golfers — next time you are playing a round, every time you have a negative thought mark it down on your scorecard. Keep a tally of how many negative thoughts you have for each hole. Start doing this for every round that you play keeping track of your totals for each round. Do this for 5 to 10 rounds, calculate your average negative thoughts per round. Once you have this average, start consciously working on changing your negative thoughts to positive and watch the negative average go down.

Mental Tips for June, July, and August

♦ Check out the Mental Scorecard and examples in Dr. Jim Afremow’s book, ” The Champion’s Mind, How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” on page 208. This will give you some insight into all the different mental skills that you should develop.

Mental Tips for 2017

♦ The biggest tip of the year — get the proper amount of rest that your body needs. See Arianna Huffington’s, The Sleep Revolution.

♦ Sign up for an Introductory Mental Game class or create your own class with friends and set up with Coach Neer to fit your schedule.

Call Coach Neer today and set up an appointment to work on your thinking.



If you like to read and would like some excellent material on the mental game, check out the books below:

♣ Afremow, Jim. The Champion’s MIND, How great athletes think, train, and thrive. New York: Rodale, 2013.

♣ Gonzalez, DC. The Art of Mental Training, A Guide to Performance Excellence. , San Bernardino, CA: GonzoLane Media, 2013.

♣ Rotella, Bob. How Champions Think, In sports and life. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2015.

♣ Huang, Chungliang Al & Lynch, Jerry. Thinking body, dancing mind. Taosports for extraordinary performance in athletics, business, and life. New York: Bantam, 1992.

♣ Mumford, George. The mindful athlete. Secrets to pure performance. Berkeley, CA: Parallax Press

♣ Lardon, Michael, M.D. Finding your zone. Ten core lessons for achieving peak performance in sports and life. New York, NY: Perigree Book, Penguin Group.

♣Huffington, Arianna. The Sleep Revolution, Transforming your life, one night at a time. New York, NY: Harmony Books, 2016.






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