Mental Skills Education

Skills Education For Individual Athletes

Move your game to the next level by developing your mental skills. If you don’t have these skills yet, come to Silent Mind Sports to learn and apply the thinking that will change your game.

Are you having trouble taking your game from practice to competition? Does your confidence suffer when you compete?

Coach Neer’s program starts with an assessment of your mental game. From that we develop the main skill areas to work on and then create a master game plan to learn and apply the mental skills you need.
Here are some of the skill areas we may work on:

  • Confidence
  • Expectations
  • Focus
  • Trust
  • Pre-shot routine
  • Pre-event routine
  • Mental preparation before, during, and after the round.


  1. Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment
  2. Your own Mental Game plan
  3. Four sessions per month (1 Hour Weekly)
  4. E-mail contact unlimited
  5. Champion’s Edge Activities (books, worksheets, imagery tapes, audio cues, relaxation tapes)

Team Skills Education

Team sessions are available. Book a one day seminar or ongoing mental game work for your team. Contact Coach Neer for the details and costs.

Testimonial for Neer Coaching

photo Blake at Valley Oaks
Coach Neer Congratulating Blake after 67!

 My name is Blake Ahlin and I played in the Visalia City Amateur Golf Tournament this weekend. The first day I was distracted with all kinds of thoughts. I wasn’t able to focus on the shot at hand and stay positive within myself during my shots. I ended up adding some unnecessary strokes to my first round.

On the second day of the tourney, Coach Neer caddied for me. He had me stay consistent in my routine. This allowed me to focus on the shot at hand and ignore all the external factors around me. Coach Neer spoke to me in simple terms which allowed me to play closer to the way I play in practice rounds. I ended up this round with an eleven stroke difference ( a 67!) Coach Neer’s teaching allows the player to play at his or her full potential in ALL arenas including tournaments. Thank you coach for being a great listener and positive motivator. I couldn’t have done this without you.

Work on your mental game with Coach Neer at Silent Mind Sports. I did.