Relaxation – A Song to Sing Before, During, and After Performing

Soccer guy and shotDid you know that you will perform better if you are relaxed? When we are relaxed, our muscles are softer and more flexible enabling us to move them smoothly and efficiently. When we are relaxed, we breathe better and move more oxygen throughout our system. With more oxygen uptake, our body functions at a higher level and our mind is clearer and able to connect our focus.

In Golf, Bobby Jones, one of the all time great players, said that you can’t play good golf unless you swing freely and effortlessly, and you can’t swing that way unless you are relaxed. This certainly applies to all sports. Think about performing right now in your sport — think about your performance when you are tight and nervous and your muscles do not move well — now think about your performance when you are relaxed and everything just flows.

In considering this, is there any reason why you would not want to be relaxed before, during, and after your performance? Are you able to tap into your relaxation response (this is built into our body) whenever you need to? Do you have a system or cue that enables you to relax on demand?? Is relaxation part of your pre- event routine? Do you see why Silent Mind Sports teaches relaxation to every one of their students?? In fact, call today and say that you would like to take the four session special on just learning to relax!

Here’s some Affirmations for Relaxing from Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang in their book, “Thinking Body, Dancing Mind ( see our Tips and Resources section for the complete reference on this great book.):

“Memorize any of the following affirmations to use during times of athletic tension and pressure, either prior to or during a performance:

  • “Relax. Relax to achieve the max.”
  • “To perform without flow, use the ninety percent law.”
  • “I am so relaxed. I see my skin draped on my bones.”
  • “Relax my jaw and get so much more.”
  • “Look inward, smile, and relax.”
  • “Calm, calm, calm, calm, tranquil, tranquil, tranquil, tranquil.” (Repeat these words over and over again, slowly.)”